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Plans for the Future

Unlike a lot of other companies trying to make their way into the camo world, we don't plan on coming out with a lot of different patterns. There are already a lot of great patterns and gear out there for almost every situation and need. We just feel like there is a need for a better spring pattern for hunting pastures, field edges, and obviously south Texas brush country. It wouldn't do us any good to come out with a tree bark type pattern when you already have the king of spring timber pattern, (Bottamland), out there. You can bet if we are hunting the open timber with very little ground vegetation, the Bottomland pattern will be on!

But for where we hunt most of the time, a tree pattern really stands out and limits you on where you can setup as well as limits where you can walk without being detected.

As far as the future, we do plan on designing a more of a "winter" pattern that will work well with the pattern we have now. The winter pattern will consist of more dead grass and deciduous trees. We will come out with a vest, jacket, and beenie in the winter pattern made of a poly/fleece mix. It will work really well with the pant pattern we already have. So it should really help staying undetected during those cold early spring days as well as benefit predator hunters during the winter.

Again, we aren't trying recreate the wheel here or takeover the camo world by any means. We are just simply addressing a need. Hopefully, it is a need for a few more folks...haha. We have also tossed around coming out with more everyday apparel if we get that far. Our main goals through this whole process are to provide an effective pattern and stay affordable. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Happy Hunting!

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