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Our Number One Goal

Inspired mainly by Spring turkey season, color and breakup pattern were our primary goals.  Due to the lack of big woods in south TX, we have found that our setup options open up drastically if we blend in with the vegetation versus blending in with a tree.  Through trial runs, this pattern blends well in pasture ground, hedge rows, CRP fields, as well as the south Texas brush.  There's definitely better patterns out there if you're hunting the open hardwoods with little vegetation.  But once everything greens up real good, this pattern is going to be hard to beat.

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From All  Angles


We took into account the positions that hunters could be in.  For example, our pants from the knee down are images of dead sunflower stems which blend in well with pasture grass, field edges, and CRP fields. It works well with the rest of the pattern when hunters use their knees for support during crunch time like seen in the picture.



While most of our focus was creating a pattern for Spring turkey, we found that it blends well up in the tops of trees too for early bow season, especially mesquite.



The Polyester shirts and Nylon/Ripstop pants are both lightweight and comfortable.  Due to the type of printing we use, this pattern will not fade.  This pattern will also stay bright from a long distance away as opposed to looking like a dark blob.

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One of our goals was to open up more options of where we could setup to hunt. We don't want to be limited to sitting next to a tree or in shade.  Sometimes the situation calls for a setup with little to no overhead cover.


While turkey and ground hunting were the driving force for our pattern, we have found that it works really well for early season bowhunting as well.  As we all know, color is not as important for deer rather UV lighting and breakup are whats important for deer.  We have been able to test it to a deer's eyes with great success.  In south TX, about 8 ft high is all you're going to get in a stand due to lack of big trees so most confrontations with deer are very up close and personal so to speak.  We are happy to say not a single deer has looked up at us.  Now, we know that being perfectly still is the best camo when it comes to deer, but it let us know we are good on UV lighting and breakup pattern.


Our camo is mainly geared towards warmer weather but with the continued addition of our poly/fleece garments, we can handle a little cooler temps.  Usually, when warmer garments are needed, the vegetation isn't quite as green so our warmer clothes will consist of a slightly different pattern such as the vest in the picture. A jacket and beenie will soon be in production.

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We are very excited to bring you Final Sunrise Game Calls.  These mouth calls are made by Zachary Downs out of Mississippi.  These are as custom as it gets.  Zach measures and stretches each call to ensure consistency out of every call.  I've had the pleasure of using these calls for a couple years now and they are by far the easiest to run for me.  They require less air pressure to make turkey sounds which allows for a lot more realistic calling, especially soft calling.  We offer some of the most popular cuts in the industry:Ghost cut-"Ghost"Double Reed-"Double Duce"Batwing cut-"Enforcer"Combo cut-"Gold Digger"V cut-"Zip-Lok"*New* 3.5 Reed Reverse Combo Cut "Pandemic"  The "Pandemic" is offered in two versions, the stout and thin. The stout version is made with a little thicker tape which will last a little longer and provide a little different pitch.  Zach has also offered to make any custom cut that you want as long as at least 10 of those cuts are ordered (after a test run of course).  All but the "Double Duce" are 3 reed calls yet they are very thin and fit very comfortably. Hope you'll give them a try this Spring!

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Aside from diaphram calls, we also provide cane yelpers with various mouthpieces mostly consisting of bamboo or plastic tubing.  These calls excel at calling in hens which can lead that stubborn tom right to you.

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MTR Camo Barrel Sticker

8 inches by 1 inch.  Fits 20ga or bigger very well.  Will wrap around 20ga barrels but won't overlap and text is still readable without having to turn the barrel at all.


Final Sunrise Game Calls Barrel Sticker

10 inches by 1 inch.  Text on sticker is "Final Sunrise"

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Expands Setup Options

This hunt is a great example of why MTR Camo was created.  For this particular spot, there wasn't very much cover where the hunters needed to be.  One small mesquite tree and some short scrub brush is all they had.  Traditional darker patterns would've stuck out like a sore thumb.

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